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Nov. 20th, 2016

this is the floorplan of my parent's new condo. it has a view of puget sound too.

Nov. 19th, 2016

Although I was really tired & recovering from an ibs attack thu pm / fri am, I went to the craft night at push / pull. The craft was shrinky dinks. I am still learning the ropes but made some cool stuff. There is a photo on fb. There are. Few more I will take a photo of today. It was fun.

This is the place my parents are moving to

http://www.judsonpark.com/ They are getting a 2 br apartment with a view. 1 br is for the loom.
My hairdresser took this photo. I will take some showing the front tomorrow when it is light. She combined orange, red, & magenta. & there is still s lot of undyed hair that is brown and white.
Gino has been our work team lead for just under 2 Months & has not been doing a good job. He is very disorganized & arrogant & Just not keeping things going smoothly. Most of the department has gone to HR about him. Today we were told our daily departmental meeting was in the conference room & our manager nick & hr lady were also there.

Gino announced that it was his history at abc to come into a department, get everything ship shape & then move onto the next department & he was moving to the international department because they really needed him. This does not even mAke sense. He temped in a few departments before starting in Efiling where he was hired & under him things fell apart. When he was a temp he had no authority, I had the impression they kept moving him because they did not find a good fit. They only promoted can him to lead because jesse moved to IT. Nick & Jenny did not back him up on this but they did say international really needs help. So I think this is a demotion he is trying to spin in some other way. Stephanie asked who would be in charge & Nick said he would, only he has too much to do & is not good at details & answering emails & things. She wants to be in charge but it was not offered to her. I do not know if there is any long term plan. Gino moved his stuff already. It could end up being a good thing but I expect a lot of chaos in the meantime & I do not think things will really work without a team lead. Stephanie knows a lot, more than anyone, & would be good in some ways but she is also bossy & controlling & not good with people. And it sounds like they would have offered her the role already if they wanted her for it. They probably want a man. I would never want to do it, even if they would offer it to me which would not happen. Well it is a distraction from thinking about biopsies but I would rather something else. Nick is the one behind the obsession with tracking numbers & doing everything super fast. He is the manager of the whole thing 2nd floor, 5 or 6 teams but they all have leads who are more involved. Except now we don't.
I just had coffee with my friend Tia at cafe chocolati. I had a decaf cherry mocha with whipped cream which was decadent. It was nice to hang out with someone with lupus who understands things like how it feels like you are encased in cement & that your skin hurts. & why sitting on a bus for an hour is exhausting. I did not know anyone with lupus till I met Tia at artwalk last year. More later. I just had to share how nice that was. & we both told each other is would be ok if we had to cancel at the last minute.
Argh. The big bosses want a meeting with my team tomorrow to find out why our numbers suck. It will not be pleasant. I am really glad that my numbers shot up to a decent range last week when they moved us behind a different proxy server to the rest of the company. They would have had meeting today but half of team called in sick which is also bad timing. So glad I was there. Yesterday the whole team got 219 orders done - they want 500 a day. I got 45 done. I know one girl only got 14 done. I have no idea how she managed that but it has been typical of her lately. So I am expecting a stressful day with upset people tomorrow & hoping to avoid bring one if them. The fact that I can clearly document improved performance immediately following the upgrade is certainly on my side. I am glad I had warning this is coming.
Update from AUDIN-

"it isn't a good one.
So he is still quite anemic.
originally he was both anemic and had too many lymphocytes in his blood.
The anemia is still here, but he lymphocyte level has decreased, presumably due to the steroid.
this is an indication of pretty heavy cancer.
Also the mass was removed was indeed cancerous.
So his overall lack of energy is due to cancer.
His skin issue...is due to a fungus.presumably ringworm.
which is really annoying.
but is probably a side-effect of the cancer, which is suppressing his immune system.
I can't afford to give him chemotherapy.
The phrase 'many thousands of dollars' was used.
But I can afford some anti-fungal medication. So they are going to call that into the ballard pharmacy.

But overall I don't think cheeseburger will be around very long.
so that sucks.
and i wish i wouldn't have taken the phone call...because i'd rather have waited to find out."

In related news, maybe I do not have shingles. Maybe I have ringworm.
I am so tired. There is so much pressure at work to get more done. We have more work so instead of hiring more people they are just saying to go faster. My boss told me I had to get 240 proofs efiled today. I got 140 done. Which was still probably 2x as many as Maria but I am no sure how many Harrison got done. He is super fast & nick loves him but apparently he makes s lot of mistakes. He is a young cocky hipster & really annoys me. It is the arrogance that gets to me.

Jesse has been being ruder & meaner & snarly. I finally complained to Shaena today. If he ever finds out my work & home life are so screwed. But she had noticed it too. He is just so angry all the time. But he is in charge & I am supposed to go to him with questions only he snaps when I do. I think someone said something because he was nicer this afternoon. I don🐂

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I have been thinking about you. Especially you, bobby. I liked your message on Facebook. I am sure this is not an easy time & you have a million different thoughts & feelings. Way to handle things gracefully, whatever inner clash you may be feeling.

Did so many things thus weekend. I am down to the wire for art events. This weekend is exterminator city & next weekend I hang art at Miro for the m

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Quiet Christmas. Christmas Eve I went to drawing group - I guess it is not entirely surprising that there were only 2 of us. We sat in the bar. They only had soup for food because they sent the cooks home early. The place was open in Christmas Day so I am glad the cooks got Christmas Eve off.

Then Christmas Day I wrapped gifts, watched the muppets Christmas carol, finished gifts for family & napped. There were not many people at work Christmas ever or today but I had enough to do. Just barely on Christmas Eve but plenty today.

Christmas with family tomorrow. Hope it goes well. I just went to trophy cupcake & got pretty cupcakes for that, 2 gluten free.

Seems most Xmas posts are:
Complaining about family. S

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