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Gino has been our work team lead for just under 2 Months & has not been doing a good job. He is very disorganized & arrogant & Just not keeping things going smoothly. Most of the department has gone to HR about him. Today we were told our daily departmental meeting was in the conference room & our manager nick & hr lady were also there.

Gino announced that it was his history at abc to come into a department, get everything ship shape & then move onto the next department & he was moving to the international department because they really needed him. This does not even mAke sense. He temped in a few departments before starting in Efiling where he was hired & under him things fell apart. When he was a temp he had no authority, I had the impression they kept moving him because they did not find a good fit. They only promoted can him to lead because jesse moved to IT. Nick & Jenny did not back him up on this but they did say international really needs help. So I think this is a demotion he is trying to spin in some other way. Stephanie asked who would be in charge & Nick said he would, only he has too much to do & is not good at details & answering emails & things. She wants to be in charge but it was not offered to her. I do not know if there is any long term plan. Gino moved his stuff already. It could end up being a good thing but I expect a lot of chaos in the meantime & I do not think things will really work without a team lead. Stephanie knows a lot, more than anyone, & would be good in some ways but she is also bossy & controlling & not good with people. And it sounds like they would have offered her the role already if they wanted her for it. They probably want a man. I would never want to do it, even if they would offer it to me which would not happen. Well it is a distraction from thinking about biopsies but I would rather something else. Nick is the one behind the obsession with tracking numbers & doing everything super fast. He is the manager of the whole thing 2nd floor, 5 or 6 teams but they all have leads who are more involved. Except now we don't.

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