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Christmas morning AUDIN & I went out to a French cafe with our friends Sam & Sharon. The coffee was great & it was very quiet & relaxing. I think there was nutmeg in my omelet. It was good. Parking was great which is not usually the case on capital hill. Then we stopped by the Scandinavian store so he could get treats for his family & I got some too. I probably should have gotten some cookies but they were sold out of krumkake & frystakake. AUDIN said he brought home some leafed from his mom's. I made cheesecake truffles - which were easy to make and could be easy make gluten free but not dairy free. The recipe is in the kraft website - they make Philadelphia cream cheese. My mom came up and we sat on the couch with Sigrun for a while. AUDIN had already gone south by then. Sigrun was so sweet to linger as she isn't much of a lap cat. Then we went to my 2nd cousin's house who lives 2 blocks from me. They have a 3 year old & a 5 year old. Both boys. The little boys gave a special bag they leave under the tree called the giving bag & they pick out toys to give yo santa for santa to give yo other kids. They also left santa fizzy water & celery & watermelon.

I spent xmas night at my parent's. old people logic - smoke alarm has been beeping for 4 days, they are too short to teach it & it does not bother them so they just left it. I was not sure what room it was in so I left it too but did it sleep well. Found I Saturday morning & removed battery. They did not have any more 9 volts so my stepsister said she will replace it today. (No-not worried about fire, in that part of house there are 4 smoke alarms w/I a few feet of each other. There are 3 small bedrooms & a hall right next to each other & all have alarms.) then the sink plugged after dinner, a new holiday tradition. We used all the draino on thasgiving so I suggested a plunger & that worked.

Mom made potroast with onions & carrots & potatoes & my stepsister made rolls & apple pie. It was just my parents & my stepsister Nancy & me. Very quiet. We talked mostly about the love in 6ish weeks, what day to move, what to keep, what to get rid of, who would do what, etc. I helped mom go thru some stuff & put 3 boxes of weaving magazines in her car that will be donated to one of her weaving guilds (she will still have access) & we filled a box and a half of cookbooks to donate. I took a few. Of course she is still trying to save small pieces of string - this is a woman with an entire wall of yarn. She took 11 handwoven scarfs on xmas eve & gave 9 to family. Everyone seemed to like them. They should - they are gorgeous scarves that would cost $200 & up - lots of hand painted warps, silk, chinille, undulated twill & done iredescents. I got 2 at thanksgiving.

It appears I am being assigned to unpacking & organizing, not physically moving, whew. I feel embarrassed. It just carrying those boxes of books wore me out & highlighted how I need to find an iron supplement I can take because this is not normal.

My stepsister gave me a ride some. Sigrun had been alone overnight with plenty of food but she was so happy to see her people. AUDIN had spent the night in Olympia. It was nice to sleep in my own bed. My mom talks a lot & the tv is always on so quiet is nice. Back to work tomorrow. Do not know when I will see Peter & hope to see Janusz but I do not know.. I have gifts for them. Peter got the kids a 10 week Newfoundland puppy named Kiki, I hope I get To meet her.

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