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Doug's upper GI today went ok. Some signs of reflux but nothing serious. They could not do the colonoscopy - things had not entirely cleared out down there. They plan to go it tomorrow. Mom got a good night of sleep & sounded less frazzled though she still cannot say colonoscopy & keeps saying amnesia for anemia. She really has a mental block on any type of medical terminology & always has.

He is sleeping a lot. That is probably the best he can do right now. it sounds like he is stabilizing physically but will need to continue to treat the anemia & see what the biopsies reveal. Unless he needs a major surgery I think he might get to go home in a few days. They have a nursing facility at the place they live so even if he needed additional care he could still go back to Judson park.

Work was better than yesterday. They asked if my team wanted to work OT this weekend & I just did not answer.

I was so tired I wanted to skip Ballard art walk but I needed to run a few errands anyway so I compromised & went to 1 venue only, not the 4 I wanted to go to. Sure is nice at greenwood artwalk having 7 galleries under 1 roof. Very convenient.

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