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I took the bus downtown this morning then transferred to the link train & took it to the furthest stop south, a little past the airport & my mom picked me up. We had brunch at their fancy monthly buffet (why are these waiters pushing champagne on old people?) and then stopped by to see doug but he was asleep & only sort of woke up so we went back to her apartment (same complex) & talked for a few hours, I helped her measure some furniture for potential reorganization & locate some things in the closets. Her place is not dirty but very cluttered & still not entirely unpacked from moving in February. It is the weaving stuff that is not entirely unpacked. She wants to get more bookshelves which will help. My sister is going to stay with her for a week & help. I will probably go down again for a day when marti is here.

It was nice enough but I am glad to be home & for quiet. I have been a bit more tired than usual this week though I am not sure why. Audin was listening to 60s rock but he just left with a friend & it is blissfully quiet now. I mostly finished reorganizing my room & I wish I had had more art time this weekend. I also want to make more origami boxes for beads. It works well to make from cardstock - I have some Tim Holtz stuff.

Box -

Audin has been in a better mood this week than he has been in months. I think that was his last business trip for a while - I hope - and he has actually been talking a little more than he was & seeming less angry in general. He is not talking about his mom or work but he is talking a tiny but in general which he was barely doing. He spent the day in his shop yesterday & built a 2nd fancier wooden server rack & shelf for the laundry room. It fits into the shower. There is a shower with a lip & no door (uses curtain but he took down the rod) & underneath the shelf is Emma's litter box. Strange place for it but the shower floor is easy to clean, the lip help contain the litter, & since this house has 3 other bathrooms we just do not use that one. It is one of those odd laundry / bathroom combos. So now there is a waist high shelf / table sort of deal that perfectly fits the shower shell & one can fold laundry there if one wants to fold laundry that close to the cat box which I do not. Emma is 19 so I do not think there will be a cat box there long term.

I am taking Friday off. It is supposed to be really hot wed -- fri, like 95-98 so I hope I do not regret taking Friday off. Abc has AC. That is much hotter than is typical in Seattle. It does not usually get above the upper 80s in the very hottest part of summer.

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