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Mei Noel
10 November
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my name is megan noel, or mei for short. i grew up on an island in the pacific northwest.
i live to create. i journal, draw, paint, bead, create dolls, bind books, make pottery, assemblage and collage, quilt, play the violin, and publish 2 art zines: Mysterium and La Luna, in addition to occasional other self published projects. my art work has appeared in lots of magazines and several books. in addition to art i am also very passionate about science, the particularly earth/life sciences. in college i studied geology and paleontology. i work in the fine arts field in a support/administrative role. i want to be an artist when i grow up. but maybe a scientist on the weekends. i am a tiny bit silly sometimes, in a good way, in real life, less so in my journal. i post lots of pictures, usually behind links, certainly if they are big, but almost never post quizzes because i figure you don't really want to know which teletubby i am.
I SAW old Autumn in the misty morn
Stand shadowless like Silence, listening
To silence
~Thomas Hood

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